Saturday, August 19, 2006


Penny -- darlin' -- you're killin' me. You're giving me a complex. I gotta stop reading your blog. Do you sleep? Eat? Take potty breaks? For the love of Mike (or Stan or Harry or Frank), HOW DO YOU DO IT? I never saw anyone turn out the FO's like you do. And if they did (my sister comes to mind, but not really), then their stuff wasn't nearly as nice as yours. Seems like you have something new almost every day! What do you DO with it? I see a lot of it is for babies (which always makes them even cuter, doesn't it?). Do you have, like, an abundance of baby relatives?

Honest to Murgatroid, I can barely get something done in a month (see referenced UFO's and FROGGED items below). What am I doing wrong?

I work, but not that much. I clean, but believe me, you're not gonna eat off my floor. Laundry has a lot of down time. Cooking -- well, I hate to cook. So why can't I whip some of these babies out faster? I wanna see progress! I wanna see FO's! I wanna start new stuff!

I wanna be YOU!

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