Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm so DMEUMB!

I'm so BUMMED! I was halfway done with that "showy shrug" I've been working on. I laid it out last night just to make sure it wasn't going to be too big. When I compared it to the image on the pattern, I discovered I'D DONE IT BACKWARDS! I was thoroughly confused because it calls for reverse stockinette stitch, so apparently the purl side is the "RS" and the knit side is the "WS."

So now I have to frog it all the way back to the sleeves, which really ticks me off because I've tried so hard to follow this danged pattern carefully. I should have asked more questions.

Oh, well. Live knit and learn.

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Hello Maureen...

Thanks for visiting my blog! So did you get your new bag yet! Love your blog...I very new at it. You're not too far away - I'm up north on Monroe Lake a lot in the summer.

By Blogger kelle,at 3/16/2006 07:03:00 PM  

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